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HD lace closure wig (4x4 HD lace closure & 5x5 HD lace closure wig)

HD lace frontal wig

HD lace closure wig is made with bundles and a HD lace closure, usually 2-3 bundles with a HD lace closure 4x4 or 5x5, so there is 4x4 HD lace closure wig and 5x5 HD lace closure wig

HD lace frontal wig is made with bundles with a HD lace frontal 13x4

HD lace closure wig and HD lace frontal wig can be shipped very fast, usually place order today and ship tomorrow, pls contact us to have your HD closure wigs and HD frontal wigs !

what is closure wig? how to make my closure wig?

Closure wig is a ready wig made of bundles and a closure, of course the closure can be lace closure 4x4 or lace closure 5x5, or lace closure 6x6, or lace closure 7x7, or lace closure 2x6 and can be lace frontal closure 13x4, or lace frontal 13x6, and can be also 360 lace frontal, usually closure wig is made with 2 or 3 or 4 bundles with one closure, since closure wig is much cheaper wig, it is very hot selling wig now.

How to make my closure wig? you don't need to make it by yourself, we can make the closure wig for you, just need $10 fee, then you have a closure wig ready to use, you just need to purchase the bundles and a closure and tell us you need to make them into a closure wig, that's all, closure wig can be made very fast, it can be shipped within 24 hours.

Pls contact us to make your closure wig!

What's the Difference Between HD Lace and Transparent Lace? 

HD lace and transparent lace are the two popular lace for the closures, frontals and wigs, transparent lace is very thin and invisible lace too, so what's the difference between HD lace and transparent lace?

1, usually transparent lace is used for light skin, it is thin and invisible for light skin tone.

2, HD lace is very thin and invisible lace, it can be suitable for all skin colors, it "disappear" after installed.

3, transparent lace looks more "white" than HD lace

HD lace material is very high demand, recently it is very hard to get such lace material, pls give enough time to prepare it if you are going to order it.

What's Transparent Lace Hair Products You Provided?

we are offering following transparent lace hairs:
1, transparent lace closure 4x4

2, transparent lace closure 5x5

3, transparent lace frontal closure 13x4

4, transparent lace frontal closure 13x6

5, transparent full lace wig & transparent glueless full lace wig

6, blonde transparent lace closure 4x4

7, blonde transparent lace closure 5x5

8, blonde transparent lace closure 6x6

9, blonde transparent lace frontal closure 13x4

10, blonde transparent lace frontal closure 13x6

  Transparent Lace VS Swiss Lace

we are offering medium brown lace, light brown lace, dark brown lace, transparent lace for lace closure and lace frontal closure.

demand for transparent lace closure and transparent lace frontal are becoming more and more bigger.

check the left picture to see the difference between transparent lace VS swiss lace, topper one is transparent lace, and bottom one is medium brown lace, contact us to get videos or check videos on our Youtube channel @supervirginhair

how to find a good hair vendorTalking About The Misunderstood of How to Find a Good Hair Vendor? 

you are looking for a good hair vendor? there are too many hair vendors on Google, Youtube, Alibaba etc but don't know which one is good? you wasted thousand of dollars to test hair sample? or sample is good but wholesale order not same as sample? yes you may met those kinds of headache when you were looking for a good hair vendor, a good hair vendor is very important, your good partner, support your business grow, but how to find a good hair vendor from the vendor list? today we share some misunderstood thinkings:

1, Having very cheap price range are good hair vendor, normally you will compare the price list from different vendors if you are looking for a hair vendor, does that means having cheaper price is good vendor? you may know that there are too many hair vendors and hair business competition is very fierce, so many vendors bring the customers by offering very cheap price, for example $20 for a 22" bundle, and many customers disappointed after tested hairs or used hairs some time, do you really think VIRGIN hair is such cheap or such cheap hair is VIRGIN hair? usually we do NOT suggest to buy the cheapest hair, we would like to give you 2 tips about choosing price: first tip, for example, a hair vendor offer 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, we suggest you to buy from 7A; second tip, for example, you have 3 different vendors offering $30, $35, $40 individually, we suggest you to buy from $35. If you followed those two tips, it will signicantly increase possibility of finding a good hair vendor.

2, Don't have lots of Youtube reviews are not good hair vendor, you must know that, youtube reviewers will creat the review for you and say the good things if you send the free hairs or pay for it, so youtube reviews do not always means the hairs are good, it can just tell you the vendor had sent lots of free hairs or paid lots of money if the vendor had lots of reviews on Youtube.

3, Don't have high ranking position on search engines are not good hair vendor, normally ranking high position means this company has very good ranking skill team or financial power to some extent, they know how to rank high, or they did a lots of advertisements, usually doing advertisements is the most possible way to rank high after a certain time.

light brown human hair lace wigHow to Start Your Own Hair Business? 

1, find a good hair vendor who can provide Good quality hair with cheaper wholesale price, quality don't need to be Highest but need to be Good, because not everyone can afford the highest quality hair, good quality hair with cheaper price is good beginning, it is affordable virgin hair for most of customers, and good quality hair will bring you good reputation and returning customers.

2, your hair vendor can provide you professional hair pictures, so you can show the pictures on your website and other social medium tools.

3, launch your hair website online, it is very easy and fast to launch a good website with platform like Godaddy, Shopify, and get your own social medium accounts like on Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Pinterest etc, make more customers find you online or buy at your local shop, try to do more ads on the social mediums to get more customers.

4, begin with dropshipping order, don't need to stock hair by yourself, drop shipping is perfect way to start selling hair. 

5, if you want to be a professional hair seller, above steps are not enough, you need to have your own styles, your company name, your logo, your packaging like label, tag, bag, box etc with your private information, your hair vendor should provide you all of this services. 

Clip in hair with lace

all of our clip in hairs are with lace, that looks beautiful, make it flat for easy use, check following pictures we made for our customers, contact us freely if you have any questions.

Guangzhou Super Hair Co

1B/613 blonde bundle with frontal made into BOB Wig

1b/613 bundle with a lace frontal made into a Bob wig, watch the video, lets see what did she say
if you like it, you can shop this 1b/613 on our store

Guangzhou Super Hair

Our hair review on Youtube

search with "super virgin hair" or "super hair" ( super hair is our company name and brand on Aliexpress) on Youtube, you will see the reviews about our hairs and company.

@savy She did review about the brazilian body wave bundle deals, category of Virgin Hair Bundle Deals on website is one of our best selling grade hair, very hot selling grade hair, good quality cheaper price, let's see what did she say

Guangzhou Super Hair Co

Clip in hair
how many pcs per set: as per your request, for example, 5pcs/set, 6pcs/set, 7pcs/set etc 
weight per set: 100gram, 120gram, 150gram, 180gram, 250gram etc as you want
hair color: natural color and dyed colors, any color is ok.

Flip in hair
just like clip in, flip in can be customized as well, following one of customized order for your reference: 

Guangzhou Super Hair Co


we offer ponytail human hair, two kinds of pony tails, one is with drawstring ponytail, another is ponytail around human hair, following pictures for your reference.

ll ponytails are toppest quality hair, the best hair takes well to coloring and bleaching, we offer natural color and dyed colors for ponytail in different textures, can be any weight and any colors say 100gram, 120gram, 150gram, 180gram, 200gram etc, color 1, 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 27, 30, 33, 60, 613, 99J, burgundy, red, grey, blue etc.

pls contact us for price list and place order.

Guangzhou Super Hair


Preplucked And Density

All of our lace closure, silk base closure, lace frontal, silk base frontal, lace front wig, full lace wig, 360 frontal, 360 wig etc are preplucked, very natural hairline, bleached knots.
And standard density for them is about 130%, if you want extra density as 150%, 180%, 200% etc, pls tell us, we can do it. 

Guangzhou Super Hair

About tax duty
U.S buyers don't have this problem no matter how much they will buy.
Buyers from European and African countries would have tax duty sometimes even we have wrote undervalue amount for customs and no matter ship by DHL or Fedex or other shipping express, not always but sometimes tax duty happened, however, usually we always wrote low value for customs to avoid tax duty or as less tax duty as possible for customers from U.K, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Africa etc, 

Guangzhou Super Hair

Are your hair 100% human hair, no synthetic or fiber mixed?

- Yes, all grade hairs are 100% human hair, cut directly from donors, no synthetic hair or fibers mixed.

Can they be bleached and dyed?

- Yes, natural color can be dyed and bleached well.

Do you accept Paypal?

- Yes

How do I order? 

- you can place order directly on website and pay through Paypal, or you can send order to our email or whatsapp, we will send invoice to your Paypal.

Are you on Alibaba?
- Yes, our website on alibaba is

Guangzhou Super Hair

Why there is different grade for hair? What's the difference between different grade hair?

there is 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, 10a, 11a hair etc, someone is curious, hair is hair, why hair has many different grade, even somebody said there is no such grade for hair, actually it is decided by one donor or multiple donors, high grade hair is from one donor, lower grade hair is from multiple donors, but they are ALL 100% human hair, no fiber or synthetic hair mixed.

difference between different grade hair is quality, higher quality hair means can use longer time, 11a is the HIGHEST quality hair, it can last more than 2 years with good caring, we have customer tell us she bought the hair 3 years ago and hair is still perfect till now.

7a, 8a, 9a, 11a are our hot selling grade hair.

Guangzhou Super Hair

To All Friends: 

Our Aliexpress store Luv Hair and Super Hair have been closed, we are using our this official store now, pls buy on this site from now on.
Luv Hair (store No.109385, Nicolas)
Super Hair (store No.209513, Claire)

Thank you so much for your attention.
Guangzhou Super Hair Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd
Nicolas & Claire

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